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Our pay premium or feature or sticky listing/post service – which utilizes site’s over half million monthly pageview visitors, mostly are rich USA/UK/Canada/Australia users, highly engaging participants, and high conversion – helps you to find friends, relationships, or potential buyers at a cheap listing cost.

We have seen many people find over 50 new friends, find relationships, earn over $30 USD within a day of listing. Buy our feature listings, and been listed at the top of our front webpage to find your opportunities. The more you paid, the higher you rank on the webpage; and the more expose you reach, and you attract more users to see your listing.

Summary on why using this site:
a) Good Return: Website provies customer traffic, which bings you an average 100 new friends per day. Or depends on the type of your business, you make an average revenue of $60 USD for $10 USD cost per day. Your return is average 500%.
b) Gain traffic fast: You earn money right away once your feature listing is up and running in minutes.
c) High Quality Traffic: Website has over half million monthly pageview visitors, mostly are rich USA/UK/Canada/Australia users/customers highly engaging participants, and high conversion – helps you to find lots of quality friends, relationships, or potential buyers.
d) Low cost: To feature a listing is cheap, which is less than 20% of your revenue.
e) Trustful: Over 20 top buyers provided very positive feedbacks and good profit returns, which leaded them to continuous come back using this site and became rich and happy.

This site helps you to connect you with your audience/business, and establish a long term relationship with each other. Don’t wait, buy our feature listing now!

Only paid feature listing is guaranteebe to be listed. Below is detail on how to pay to be featured at the top of webpage. Your payment amount will determined how high your listing/post will be ranked on the top first/second/third pages (which means you pay more you rank high).

(1) Please ensure you have submitted your listing username at before. (As long as there exist one of your listing, you don't need to re-submit a new listing everytime for feature/premium listing. You only need to come here to pay everytime). Ensure you upload an image, else very hard to attract people. No under age 18 is allowed.
(2) Please use this form to enter your listing's username, which you submitted in step 1, to be featured/premium on The speed from submission to be featured on site depends on how fast can you pay via credit/debit card, and submit your listing info on this form. The system/site will auto feature your AD listing and ranks/sorts by payment amount, you pay more you rank high. Sometime there will be a 15 minutes delay, and you will receive a successful receipt email from system.
(3) Please use this form to pay via credit card.
(4) You can re-use this form to buy again so it's a self-service, and system auto features (with no manual work) your listing once payment is made successfully on here the fastest. Please clear your browser's cache and revisit site. For those who pay less than $10 USD, please also visit second and third webpage, you most likely will not rank on first page. The site ranks/sorts by payment amount, you pay more you rank high. If you still do not see your listing within 15 minutes, please email me at and provide me your listing username and submitted email, and I'll look into the system for your submission and payment logs, and I'll respond within 12 hours. If you did not rank first spot, it is because someone has paid more than you and rank higher. If you run into error or mistaken AD twice or more or wrong username, please email me at and I'll respond within 12 hours. Incorrectly use this form will result in ip banned.
(5) Buying AD premium listings is at your own risk. We don't guarantee return. Once your AD listing is up online, we don't refund your money. Please ensure your card has sufficient funds. Once your AD listing is up, we do not want to make changes to listing's content and picture anymore. Hence, make sure your "about me" wording and picture is the final decision. If you want to run a test to feel the process, you can buy the cheapest listing option. AD Listing starting date is the AD display on the site date, not payment submitions starting date, because payment to AD display sometime takes hours/days to reveived and processed, hence system takes the AD display as the starting date.

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