What is Kiked.com?
Kiked is a user submitted kik user directory. You can create a profile for your kik username and include your picture, bio, and other information that will help you connect with other Kik users.

Can my profile or listing/post be sticky featured?
Sure, for the paid sticky featured listing/post they will be ranking/listing at the top of other ones. If you have questions, you can use our contact page and email us about any issue. There is a system approval process in between, and it is to ensure no spam and unsafe wording/content that is sticky featured. The system approval process usually takes few min to 30 minutes max. Clear your browser’s cache if you do not see you been listing/featured.

What is the $3.99 donation listing/post?
It counts as a donation of $3.99 from you. As the name said, it is a donation, not a feature listing/post. It does not guarantee sticky/featured listing/post. Please buy the $9.99 featured listing if you want to be ensured to be listed, featured, listed on top ranking, and has a pick color background.

I paid a featured listing $9.99 or more, and why do not see it been listing?
(1) Please ensure your payment goes through successfully.
(2) Please check front page, second page, third page of the site. Maybe your listing been push down.
(3) Please clear your browser’s cache, and check website front page, second page, and third page to see your listing/post. Please wait 30 minutes, and do this again if you still don’t see yourself, sometime system has a delay of few minute.
(4) Please ensure your listing/post does not expired yet. Expired listing/post will not be listed at top.

What kind of payment method does the site accepted?
Currently it accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit.

How to get more visitors to contact you or find more friends?
Write meaningful “about me” content. Upload different pictures. Different images get you different friends and buyers.

How to remove my profile/listing?
See our contact page and email us with your profile url/link and/or username. In email subject line, please write: Remove listing From Kiked. Fail to write this in email subject line will result in no action. It takes one week to remove a listing.

If you like our website and work.
Please donate to keep us in business and helping everyone!